Disguised as a picture frame, Knot Audio's powerful and full-range audio speaker is Bluetooth-enabled with a 3rd party amplifier to connect to your devices through Bluetooth. The art print in the frame is a standard 18" x 24" size that can be swapped to suit your vibe, event, or season. The frame comes in 3 colors: Natural finish, White, and Black.

Get ready to enjoy music, photos, and art like never before!

Your space


The Bluetooth Picture Frame Speaker is made of natural Canadian tone wood that is locally sourced and delivers crisp and clear sound. Our speaker is 18 x 24 inches in size and can be hung on the wall using the picture frame hardware that is included in the package or leaned against the wall if you don’t want to make a hole lot of trouble.

The speaker has a removable frame that makes it easy to switch the picture or poster inside. You can use your own photos or posters, or choose from our curated collection of art prints that will be available for purchase separately.

Smart features


The Bluetooth Picture Frame Speaker is more than just a speaker. It's a piece of art that amps up your space and your listening experience. We plan to have future upgrades in our pipeline including multi-speaker home audio to sync and play from multiple speakers at the same time.

We also offer speaker customization that can work with existing home theaters, or retail speaker setups.

Local supplies


The Bluetooth Picture Frame Speaker is a product of a local business that uses local suppliers. All our speakers are made in Canada from Georgian Bluffs, Ontario. Thanks for supporting us, the local economy, and the environment!